There is no entrance examination. The only requirement is to finish High School studies and be eligible for university studies in your home country. (No failed results in the transcripts). Even though a certain level of English language is required (B1/B2).


To apply for admission to the Pre-Medical Track of McDaniel College Budapest, please register by clicking on the “Apply now” button and upload all the documents

  1. Secondary School Leaving Certificate - In case you finish High School this year, please upload a certificate from your High School confirm it.
  2. Official transcripts from your secondary school /with an attested translation/
  3. Copy of your passport or ID containing your personal data
  4. Curriculum Vitae in English /EUROPASS/
  5. Medical Certificate in English stating that you do not suffer from any chronic diseases, and are physically and mentally capable of undertaking studies at an institution of higher education. /Including a negative HIV test/ (sample)
  6. 1 passport-size photo
  7. Please read the following document: Declaration of providence of information and consent

Once we have reviewed the application materials and determined that the applicant appears qualified and potentially able to complete the program, the applicant will be notified about the decision by return of post.
There is no entrance examination, but in certain cases a test of English competence may be required.
Late applications may be considered in case of vacancies.


All secondary school graduates eligible for university studies in their home country are welcome.

There is no entrance examination.



Application for long stay permit for citizens of Non-EU countries arriving without visa


After arrival in Budapest


You are required to submit your application for long stay to the Immigration Office within 90 days after your arrival.


Documents required for the long stay permit:
  • School certificate from McDaniel College in Hungarian (you will get it from us at registration)
  • passport valid at least until the end of 2019
  • application form (you will get it from us at the registration)
  • housing registration form (lakcímbejelentő) signed by the owner(s) or an authorized person (you will get it from us at registration)
  • lease contract for the apartment in Hungarian – two copies (It has to specify the landlord’s and your personal data: date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, permanent address, landlord’s ID number, your passport number. The contract has to be signed by two witnesses.)
  • 1 passport-size photo
  • the administrative service fee charged for the issue of a registration certificate is HUF 18,000 payable by credit card at the Immigration office
  • proof of funds to cover your expenses (bank statement indicating adequate funds available for living expenses: a balance of at least USD 1000/2000), receipts of the exchange of foreign currency into Hungarian Forints (HUF) since your arrival in the min. amount of USD 500)
  • certification of valid medical insurance coverage in Hungary (you will get it at the registration)


Immigration Office:

Szegedi út 35-37 Ground Floor, (Twin Office Center Office Building) (13th district) Clients’ Service II. (”II. sz. Kirendeltség”):


For Fall 2020, McDaniel College is making preparations to open and conduct the customary academic semester. Our College has demonstrated that it is able to offer courses successfully when need be online. We are satisfied to note that we can approach the fall 2020 semester with maximum flexibility and will offer an academic life either in person on our Budapest campus or online.
Why hesitate with application!