Zsuzsa Wollner

MA in English and Russian Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary 1972
Summer School – University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, 1973
Summer School – British Council, London, UK, 1979
Summer Program – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, 1989

Program Director of the Pre-Medical Track, McDaniel College Budapest - since 1990

Zsuzsa started her career as a secondary school teacher, then she worked as a translator, interpreter. In 1980, she became a lecturer at the Language Institute of Budapest Technical University. Besides teaching, she co-authored in a series of course materials for university students. She was also involved in teaching English for the employees of the university. In addition, she participated in programs for international students of the university.
In 1990, she joined College International /later McDaniel College/ as a Program Director of the Pre-Medical Track responsible for academic and administrative affairs. During these 30 years, she not only ran the program but also taught English, participated in the recruiting process of the College, attended numerous educational fairs, workshops worldwide. For many years, she was responsible for the organization of entrance examinations to universities in Hungary and abroad. She has three decades of experience in educating and mentoring international students. During this period, she has developed fruitful relationships with all partner universities. With their monitoring and support, the academic work of the College has been ensured to be in accordance with the universities' requirements.


Rector’s Award – Budapest Technical University, Budapest, Hungary, 1989
Honorary Award - /given by the rector of Semmelweis University and the University of Veterinary Medicine/ - for outstanding achievements to promote Hungarian International University Education Abroad, 2003
Zsanett Berke
MA in Cultural Mediation, University of Szeged, Hungary, 2013
Associate Degree in Travel and Tourism Management, University of Szeged, Hungary, 2011
BA in Andragogy, University of Szeged, Hungary, 2010

Academic Coordinator of the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest – since 2017
2014 -2017 Professional Methodological Referent – Cultural Coordinator, National Cultural Institution, Methodology Development Department, Budapest, Hungary
After moving to Budapest in 2014, Zsanett started her career as a Cultural referent in the National Cultural Institution, Budapest. She planned, coordinated and organized national or regional cultural programs, assured support for 19 offices of cultural service network. In 2016, she was the substitute of the Head of Department, on the Methodology Development Department in the National Cultural Institution.
She is currently responsible for the timetables & schedules, lessons, planning and organizing examinations, consultations, lessons, organizing extra-curricular activities on and off campus, counseling and supports the faculty members and the students of the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest.

Publications 2016 BERKE, Zsanett – „Let us play a puppet theatre again..!” Road the resuscitation of amateur puppet playing. Interview with László Szentirmai, the president of the Hungarian Puppet-show Association In.: SZIN. 2016. National Cultural Institutions. Budapest. (Hungarian)
BRETUS, Imre – BERKE, Zsanett: The film as a resource – we need the movies! Social media, community cinema and film workshops nationwide program of methodological services organized by the National Institute of Culture. In.:SZIN. 2016. National Cultural Institutions. Budapest. p.69-74 (Hungarian)
2013 BERKE, Zsanett – DEMUTH, Ágnes – PAJOR, Enikő: Library… where WE are the living books: using the „Living Library” method in the field of the cultural mediation. In: Juhász Erika-Chrappán Magdolna (editor): Learning and personal development. Debrecen, University of Debrecen, 2012., 439 - 446. p. In.: http://www.kulturasz.hu/letoltes/kotet2012.pdf (Hungarian)
2009 BERKE, Zsanett: Adult learning in the mirror of the intent and the reality. Micro-sociology research in the field of unemployment. In.: KÉK - Culture and Community, 2009. p. 103-108 (Hungarian)
Dóra Eszes
MA in English Language and Literature, in Literature and Linguistics, Pécs University (formerly Janus Pannonius University) Pécs, Hungary, 1991

Adjunct Faculty member of the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest – since 1997
Program Consultant of the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest – since 1999
Dora started off her career as an instructor of English language at the Department of Foreign Languages at Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, Hungary. After moving to Budapest, she taught English at various places, mostly at Babilon Language School, Budapest. She also worked as a free lance teacher and translator.
In addition to being an adjunct faculty member, she has been a staff member carrying out various tasks since 1999. Among several others, these include compiling, devising and supervising the content and the implementation of the course material, managing McDaniel College Budapest Summer Semester, organizing extra-curricular activities on and off campus, and counseling. She has extensive experience in working with and educating international students coming from all parts of the world.

Courses taught:
ESL 1001 Fundamentals of Composition
ESL 1003 Critical Reading
Ágnes Kemény dr.
University Doctorate in Biochemistry, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, 1989
MSc in Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, 1975

Employment: Program Coordinator of the Pre-Medical Track McDaniel College, Budapest - since 2008
Earlier, Ági used to work as a chemist in different laboratories including Budapest Liqueur Company, Budapest, Hungary, 1975-1979, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary 1979-1982, Department of Biochemistry and Food Technology, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary 1982-1989, and National Institute for Agricultural Qualification, Budapest, Hungary 1989-2008. She mostly dealt with the separation of wheat’s proteins and maize’s enzymes.
She joined McDaniel College in 2008. Her main duties include all types of administrative work, counseling, helping students in performing different tasks, selling course books, contributing to the organization of exams, extracurricular activities.
Petra Stósz
Education: MA in Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Szent István University, Budapest, Hungary – expected in 2022
BA in Pedagogy, University of Pécs, Hungary, 2014


Program Coordinator of the Pre-Medical Track, McDaniel College, Budapest - since 2018
She started her career of caring for the people in need while at university with being a volunteer for teenagers with social and mental disorders. After gaining her BA, Petra moved to the UK, where first she worked in London as a nanny for three years (from 2014 to 2017) taking care of children under three years of age. She assisted both the mothers and the development of movement, speech and behavior of the children. Then, she worked in London as a nursery caretaker of children under the age of two for a year. She worked as room co-leader supporting the physical, social and emotional development of the infants implementing the key person system and EYFS (observations, individual plans).
She is currently responsible for various administrative affairs in the management of the Pre-Medical Track, McDaniel College, Budapest, including issuing certificates, assisting students in visa application and immigration issues. She also manages conducting surveys, Google classroom issues, assists in effectuating tests and exams, in organizing extra-curricular activities on and off campus, in counseling and in supporting the students.
Enikő Szabó

BSc in Financial and Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary, 2005

Employment: Student Coordinator, Admission Officer and Head of Admissions of the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest – since 2000
Enikő started her career as a young aspiring colleague at the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest. First, as a student coordinator, she was responsible for all kinds of administrative affairs, including issuing school certificates, assisting students in residence permit procedures, effectuating extracurricular activities, study trips, and ordering textbooks. Later, as an admission officer at the Pre-Medical Track at McDaniel College Budapest, she was in charge of for various kinds of administrative affairs including the evaluation of application documents, issuing letter of acceptance, and giving assistance to student with immigration issues. She was appointed Head of Admissions in 2015. Currently, she is mostly involved in the admission procedure, in assisting recruiting students, organizing entrance exams and cooperating with our partner universities. She has extensive experience in working with international students coming from all parts of the world.

Since October 5, 2020 the education at McDaniel College Budapest has been online. We have successfully conducted our online instruction both in the two-semester and in the one-semester Pre-Medical Track this academic year. Even though we are committed to continue our instruction on campus in person when circumstances permit (hopefully from September, 2021), we will also offer the possibility to complete the whole course online. If you are interested in joining us, you can apply here.