Newsletter No.6

As you know the Pre-Med Alumni Network of McDaniel College was established in 2022.

  • Summary of the Pre-Med Alumni activities in 2023
    • Collecting email addresses, contacting old students – continuous
    • Meetings – in person in the office, via zoom – continuous
    • Meetings with organizers of other Alumni networks /Semmelweis, Pecs etc./
    • Alumni Day – 23rd March 2023 in Budapest at McDaniel College – goal to motivate present Pre-Med students
      • Science Afternoon - lectures given by young doctors and university students
      • Poster Exhibition - showing the life story of 15 doctors, dentists
      • Motivation speeches by doctors and university students
    • Participating at the Semmelweis Alumni Day, April 28-30 2023- celebrating the 40th anniversary of the foreign language programs
  • Info about the Pre-Med
    • In September 2023 the new academic year started with over 300 students from 40 countries.
    • Many of them are relatives of old Pre-Med students.
    • During the last years we also welcomed students whose parents studied with us two decades ago.
    • The intensive program is starting on 8th January 2024. For more information visit our website:
  • Year 2023 is very special in in the scientific world for Hungary. Two Hungarian scientists received Nobel Prize for their achievements.

They both studied at Hungarian universities – Szeged and Budapest

Dear friends, I would like to send you Season’s Greetings and wish you a very Happy, Peaceful New Year. Hope to meet you next year.

Warm regards

Zsuzsa Wollner

Ps. – Request

If you can spare one minute please forward this email to friends telling them to write me an email to be able to expand the network. If you have one more minute please write some words about your memories of the Pre-Med year. I would really appreciate it .
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.