Newsletter No.4

Budapest, April 2023

Dear members of the Alumni Network,

We would like to inform you that the first PreMed Alumni day was organized on 23rd March 2023 at McDaniel College, Budapest.

The program consisted of different events.

  • Science afternoon – Pre-Med Alumni – now Semmelweis students and medical doctors - young graduates of Semmelweis University gave presentations on their research topics that they carry out at the Student Scientific Circles (TDK) and researchers at the different departments of the university.
  • Poster exhibition – showing alumni portraits of 15 medical doctors, dentists from 8 countries who started their studies at the Per-Med at McDaniel College and then graduated from Semmelweis, Szeged, Pecs or other medical schools.
  • Recorded videos could and can still be watched on TV – showing portraits of 5 medical doctors, dentists (once Pre-Med students from Italy (working in the UK), Norway, US, Greece, Nigeria (working in the US).
  • Finally, there was an informal discussion (Q&A session) between alumni and present Pre-Med students.

Please find enclosed pictures about the event.

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Best regards
Zsuzsa Wollner
Organizer of the event, Former Program Director of the Pre-Med (1990-2022)